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    I am Kenton. Mainly, I'm a web developer, currently focussing on learning Angular 6 while solidifying my skills in NodeJS (Express) backends. I really enjoy learning new web technologies and am very excited to learn more about Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Web Assembly, because I feel these will be a huge part of the future. I also love using scrum and have gotten my certification as a CSM and CSPO. More about me, I am currently attending Deep Run High School's Center for Information and Technology (CIT, '21) which has helped me expand my knowledge in ITPM and Java programming. Moreover, I am trying to devote more time to focussing on my YouTube channel and growing that by doing Live Codes (coding while... live streaming) and coding tutorials; however, with school, my schedule is rather unpredictable. If you would like to see some of my videos and live codes, consider subscribing and turning on bell notifications by clicking here.


    Certified Scrum Master
    Issuer: Scrum Alliance
    Date: May 5, 2017

    Certified Product Owner
    Issuer: Scrum Alliance
    Date: July 30, 2018

    Real World Experience

    Intern Web Developer @ SingleStone's Reverb
    I was an intern doing front-end web development focusing on Reverb's website. For this, I used Angular 6 to modify, add, and simplify sections and features on their site.
    Jul 2018 - Sep 2018 (3 mos)

    Volunteer Experience

    ScrumRVA Organizer
    I help organize the ScrumRVA monthly meetups. This includes attending organizer meetings and doing work when needed as well as attending and helping at 99% of the meetups.
    2017 - Current

    MetaCTF Problem Writing and helping to organize Deep Run CTF powered by MetaCTF
    I've wrote problems for MetaCTF's that have happend at Deep Run CTF. I'm also planning on writing some problems for their RVASec 2019 competition. Overall, I started really helping to plan the Deep Run CTF's in 2018 and have been loving every minute, from planning the design of the rooms to creating fun and interesting problems (I mainly write Web Exploitation problems)

    CIT Council Network Administrator
    I helped in my school's Center by being on the council as a Network Administrator where I helped starting VMs, setting up machines, securing some networks, setting up competition systems, and more.
    2019 - 2020 school year (current)
    2018 - 2019 school year


    Yoga Your Way
    Yoga Your Way (YYW, previously 'Yogapp') is my sophomore year's CIT Project, which is a 3 month team project to design, create, and finalize a project for a specified client in the span of three months. I was the lead developer for this app and completed all of the programming, if you would like to test it, please visit to download and test. The app was made in HTML/JS and is written completely object-oriented using ES6+ techniques and is useable by downloading the site as a Progressive Web App. If you would like to view the code, please visit to view the GitHub (and maybe follow!)

    The iconic web-based game called "Lasers!" (that I made) converted into an early stage android app. The app is made in Cordova and is my first app.


    URL Shortener
    I've created a custom Node-based URL shortening system that tracks clicks, refs while remaining easy to use and efficient. I created this system with the intention of it being fully customizable and able to support multiple users (mulitple users coming soon hopefully) through a config.js file as well as a front-end UI. It is completely open source and available here

    Ever wanted to host a tournament? Don't want to pay outrageous fees to create a bracket for it? Well, Bracketify is here for you, being 100% free for life, with no limitations.

    Extra Curricular

    Hackathons, programming competitions, hacking competitions, etc
    SpiderHacks 2019 - "Best Financial Hack"
    My new high school team and I won the SpiderHacks 2019 "Best Financial Hack" (sponsored by Capital One) prize by creating a financial app called "Spend n' Save" that automatically places a percentage of money spent into savings after every purchase using Capital One's "Nessie" API. The code for this app is on my GitHub under "SpiderHacks2019"

    DRHS Programming Contest 2018 - 1st Place Winner
    My team and I placed 1st Place in Deep Run's yearly programming competition

    Cyber Patriots (2018-2019) - Platinum Semifinals - 4th in VA - 88th in the world
    Since I learned a lot the first year I did CP and continued researching over the summer (while creating amazing scripts), I was the lead Ubuntu person on our team that helped us get to 88th in the World. We aced Ubuntu in the first round and did very well in later rounds, but sadly didn't get top 12 to move onto finals.

    SpiderHacks 2018 - 1st Place Winner
    My high school team and I won First Place at the 2018 SpiderHacks hackathon (hosted by the ACM @ University of Richmond) by creating an Ionic app that was made to reduce the possibility of online embarrassment in college.

    Cyber Patriots (2017-2018) - Platinum Semifinals - Top 28% in the world
    As this was my first year on a Cyber Patriot team, I was mainly shadowing on Ubuntu and taking over when the main Ubuntu person had to help someone else. We managed to get 28$% overall in the world.


    I'd love to talk! If you would like to get in touch, please email me at I'd also love to connect on LinkedIn (below)!