Why did I intern at SingleStone?

In my freshman year of high school, I skipped school for a day so my dad and I could go to a Git course hosted by SingleStone. It turns out, skipping school can be quite beneficial sometimes! After making connections with a few Singlestone employees, I threw out the idea of doing an internship, and to my surprise, they reached out before summer started and got me on board.


Primary skills used:


Now (2020-)

I am currently working with a small team to create a fully customized recruitment platform that assesses possible candidates through multiple employee-created exercises. It is a serverless application that runs on AWS with Python lambdas and a Vue 3 front end. Using GitHub Actions, we were able to automate ephemeral environments for each pull request which allows for more streamlined  development and reviewal.


During my second summer internship here, I was put on the task of creating a Slack bot for their team. This Slack bot was meant to connect into multiple endpoints and receive updates from multiple sales-related sites so that the entire team can stay in the loop, no matter where they are. This is important to follow up in their traditions, but it also allows them to complete traditions remotely.


During my first summer internship in 2018, I was focusing on front-end web development for Reverb's website. For this, I used Angular 6 to modify, add, and simplify sections and features on their site.